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Author: Positively Decatur

Have You Heard?

It’s no wonder that Decatur was recently named the #1 barbecue city in Alabama with local legends like Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q at the table. Widely recognized for its smoked meats and famous white sauce, Big Bob’s has been a local staple for nearly 100 years.

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Scottsboro Boys Civil Rights Museum

Decatur is soon to be home to a multi-million-dollar civil rights museum, thanks to Celebrating Early Old Town with Art (CEOTA), a nonprofit organization established to illuminate the heritage of the early Old Town neighborhood of Decatur.

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Experience Culture and Community at the Daikin Festival

Step into a world of tradition, excitement, and culinary delights as you experience the magic of Japanese culture at the Daikin Festival. For 30 years, this beloved event has been a staple in the Decatur community, offering a night of appreciation for Japanese traditions and customs.

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Celebrating History Through Art

Frances Tate's Decatur home is filled with stacks and stacks of beautiful drawings and paintings, each one a celebration of the city's rich past. She wasn’t always an artist, but a deep sense of history and a desire for representation led her to pick up a paintbrush. Her realization that she hadn’t seen a single photo of a Black church representing the early Old Town of Decatur was the spark that ignited her artistic journey.

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Brown Books & More is Positively Building Community

Brown Books & More is Positively Building Community

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“No matter your culture, when you come in here, you’re going to feel welcomed.”

That’s how Janelle Brown, owner of Brown Books & More, describes her Decatur bookstore. It’s a place where community happens, where everybody knows your name.

The brick-and-mortar store first opened in 2022, and since then, Janelle has been growing her business to create a place where every person can feel represented, welcomed, and inspired.

Janelle started her career in the banking industry, but after nearly two decades in finance, she decided to turn her attention to entrepreneurship. Inspired by the need to increase literacy and reading levels among Black and brown students, she set out to open a bookstore where anyone could see themselves represented.

“We have books for everyone,” says Janelle of the store’s selection. “We cover every genre and every culture.”

But beyond just selling books, Brown Books & More is a community gathering place.

The store offers a lunch menu with smoothies, chicken salad, and more, inviting guests to relax and take their time inside. Reading rooms are available for groups and individuals to use.

And if a club or small group wants to use the space to meet? “No charge,” says Janelle. The room is meant to be used by the community.

Even the store’s interior decoration has been chosen intentionally to make the space feel like home to its guests. Walking through the door, patrons can feel they belong.

“You always see somebody that you know [here],” says Janelle, speaking of the community atmosphere.

We wanted to know: What makes Decatur a great place to live and run her business?

Many things, according to Janelle. She appreciates Decatur’s affordability, plentiful job market, and rich history.

“It’s a small town but still has access [to] modern amenities,” she says. “You can support your family here.”

In fact, when asked to describe Decatur in a word or phrase, Janelle keeps it simple: “Decatur is home.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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Positively Pedaling: Exploring Decatur’s Bike Trails

Decatur, Alabama, is home to some seriously cool outdoor adventures. As the weather begins to cool off and the colors of fall start to paint the city, there’s no better time to saddle up and explore some of Decatur’s most popular outdoor amenities: the bike trails. So grab your bike, and let’s embark on a fall biking adventure in Decatur!

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Behind the Scenes at the Princess Theatre

You may be familiar with the image of the Princess Theatre’s marquee, its brightly colored lighted letters serving as an iconic visual landmark in downtown Decatur. But have you ever wondered what lies behind that main entrance?

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