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Experience Culture and Community at the Daikin Festival

Step into a world of tradition, excitement, and culinary delights as you experience the magic of Japanese culture at the Daikin Festival. For 30 years, this beloved event has been a staple in the Decatur community, offering a night of appreciation for Japanese traditions and customs.

Brown Books & More is Positively Building Community

Brown Books & More is Positively Building Community Share this story social social Email To “No matter your culture, when you come in here, you’re going to feel welcomed.” That’s how Janelle Brown, owner of Brown Books & More, describes her Decatur bookstore. It’s a place where community happens, where everybody knows your name. The […]

Q&A With Dr. Meg Adams Ingram, Pediatrician with Decatur Morgan Pediatrics

Meet Dr. Meg Adams-Ingram and learn what brought her and her family back to Decatur 14 years after she graduated from Decatur High School and moved away for college.

Positively Immerse Yourself in Art AND the Community at Alabama Center for the Arts

From studio art to graphic design to acting to music technology and everything in between, Alabama Center for the Arts in downtown Decatur has something for you.

Behind the Scenes at the Princess Theatre

You may be familiar with the image of the Princess Theatre’s marquee, its brightly colored lighted letters serving as an iconic visual landmark in downtown Decatur. But have you ever wondered what lies behind that main entrance?

Discover Decatur’s Positively Creative Side on the MoCo Art Trail!

Are you ready to experience the wonders of art right in your own backyard? Decatur is the proud home of the MoCo Art Trail, a journey featuring 10 incredible locations that showcase the extraordinary works of talented local artists.

Ingalls Harbor is Positively Expanding with a New Development Coming Soon

Coming soon to Ingalls Harbor: A new waterfront scene for Decatur residents and visitors to live, work, and play!

Our Forever Home: The Hallmarks Have a Positively Full Life in Decatur

In 1991, Realtor Kim Hallmark and her husband, Jeff made the life-changing decision to start a new chapter in Decatur. It was a leap of faith, but little did they know the incredible journey that awaited them in this charming city.

The Future of Downtown Decatur

Over the past several years, the city’s downtown has been transformed into the vibrant destination we know today. Thanks to beautification projects, business recruitment, and new developments, Downtown Decatur has seen booming growth.

Decatur is Positively Home For New Residents!

Have you heard the news? According to, Decatur is the top location where current residents of Huntsville are looking to buy their next house.

Community Spirit is Positively Vibrant at Third Fridays in Downtown Decatur

Welcome to Downtown Decatur, Alabama, where the vibrant spirit of community comes alive at Third Fridays. If you’re looking for an exciting experience that showcases the local way, you’re in for a treat.

Outdoor Recreation is Positively Everywhere in Decatur

Outdoor Recreation is Positively Everywhere in Decatur Share this story social social Email To Decatur is a powerhouse in outdoor recreation. Danielle Gibson, President/CEO of Decatur Morgan County Tourism Over 50 years ago, the Mayor of Decatur went to Germany to learn how to build the nation’s first wave pool. In 1970, this historic wave […]