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Celebrating History Through Art

Frances Tate’s Decatur home is filled with stacks and stacks of beautiful drawings and paintings, each one a celebration of the city’s rich past. She wasn’t always an artist, but a deep sense of history and a desire for representation led her to pick up a paintbrush. Her realization that she hadn’t seen a single photo of a Black church representing the early Old Town of Decatur was the spark that ignited her artistic journey.

Brown Books & More is Positively Building Community

Brown Books & More is Positively Building Community Share this story social social Email To “No matter your culture, when you come in here, you’re going to feel welcomed.” That’s how Janelle Brown, owner of Brown Books & More, describes her Decatur bookstore. It’s a place where community happens, where everybody knows your name. The […]

Q&A With Dr. Meg Adams Ingram, Pediatrician with Decatur Morgan Pediatrics

Meet Dr. Meg Adams-Ingram and learn what brought her and her family back to Decatur 14 years after she graduated from Decatur High School and moved away for college.

Our Forever Home: The Hallmarks Have a Positively Full Life in Decatur

In 1991, Realtor Kim Hallmark and her husband, Jeff made the life-changing decision to start a new chapter in Decatur. It was a leap of faith, but little did they know the incredible journey that awaited them in this charming city.

The #VisitDecaturAL Ambassadors Are Your Local Guides to Decatur and Beyond

The #VisitDecaturAL Ambassadors Are Your Local Guides to Decatur and Beyond By: Lillie Beth Warner, Communications Director, Decatur Morgan County Tourism Share this story social social Email To Have you met the new #VisitDecaturAL Ambassadors? Decatur Morgan County Tourism (DMCT) has launched an ambassador program featuring local photographers, influencers, and travel writers to showcase Decatur […]

Young Professionals in Decatur Are Positively the Best and Brightest!

The Best and Brightest Initiative is the first comprehensive incentive package in the nation for STEM young talent, and the 7-year-old program is growing rapidly.

Judge David Breland Is Positively Proud of Decatur’s History!

Judge David Breland has a long personal history in Decatur and loves it so much that he has made the city’s history his job! Working in the Old State Bank and as the director of the Decatur Historic Union Depot brings the Judge a great deal of joy.

Carson Campbell Is Positively Talented!

Carnegie Hall in New York is one of the most sought-after venues for performers worldwide, and Decatur’s own Carson Campbell earned that honor! Carson is a highly talented pianist who won this prestigious opportunity through a competition hosted by the Gulf Coast Steinway Society.

Suzie Wiley Is Positively Entertaining!

Suzie Wiley’s show, Valley Happenings, is Alabama’s longest-running, female-produced show. And she lives right here in Decatur!

Positively Supportive

Local shop owner, Eva Blayhut, provides a service that goes well beyond what you’d expect. The continuous support from the community affords Eva the opportunity to keep returning the favor.