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We Are Positively Decatur!

Positively Decatur exists to celebrate and share uplifting stories from the Decatur community. Check out some of our favorite clips from the past few years!

Stepping Back in Time: Your guide to “The Decaturs” historic districts

Did you know that Decatur was created from two different cities? Learn all about it from Caroline T. Swope, the historic preservation specialist for the City of Decatur!

Have You Heard?

It’s no wonder that Decatur was recently named the #1 barbecue city in Alabama with local legends like Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q at the table. Widely recognized for its smoked meats and famous white sauce, Big Bob’s has been a local staple for nearly 100 years.

Scottsboro Boys Civil Rights Museum

Decatur is soon to be home to a multi-million-dollar civil rights museum, thanks to Celebrating Early Old Town with Art (CEOTA), a nonprofit organization established to illuminate the heritage of the early Old Town neighborhood of Decatur.

Celebrating History Through Art

Frances Tate’s Decatur home is filled with stacks and stacks of beautiful drawings and paintings, each one a celebration of the city’s rich past. She wasn’t always an artist, but a deep sense of history and a desire for representation led her to pick up a paintbrush. Her realization that she hadn’t seen a single photo of a Black church representing the early Old Town of Decatur was the spark that ignited her artistic journey.

Behind the Scenes at the Princess Theatre

You may be familiar with the image of the Princess Theatre’s marquee, its brightly colored lighted letters serving as an iconic visual landmark in downtown Decatur. But have you ever wondered what lies behind that main entrance?

Positively Celebrating 190 Years: Old State Bank’s Birthday Bash

This month, Decatur’s iconic Old State Bank celebrates its 190th birthday, and the city is throwing a party to mark the occasion.

Judge David Breland Is Positively Proud of Decatur’s History!

Judge David Breland has a long personal history in Decatur and loves it so much that he has made the city’s history his job! Working in the Old State Bank and as the director of the Decatur Historic Union Depot brings the Judge a great deal of joy.

A Positively Determined Past Resident

Have you ever felt strongly enough about someone that you’d rearrange the exterior of your home to avoid association with that person? This 1900s resident did!

It’s Positively Time for Decatur to Embrace Its Rust!

Imagine taking the Singing River Trail down to Flint Creek for a day on the water and never having to get into a car? We can! That is the vision; blending greenways and blueways and making an outdoor city instead of a city with an outdoors. It’s positively exciting to think about.

The Scottsboro Boys Trial Positively Changed History

The Morgan County Archives in Decatur Alabama has a Scottsboro Boys exhibit that shares photos from the 1933 trail in Decatur, as well as a chair from the courtroom where the trial took place.