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Alabama Robotics Technology Park is Positively Essential to Alabama Industries

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The Alabama Robotics Technology Park, located less than five minutes from Decatur, was the world’s first Robotics training facility that provides free automation and robotics training to Alabama employers. This first of its kind facility houses all the major brands of robotics equipment, plus provides space to develop and test new robotics systems and technologies that meet the needs of Alabama manufacturers. 

The park consists of three individual training facilities: the Robotics Maintenance Training Center, the Advanced Research and Development Center, and the Integration, Entrepreneurial, and Paint Training Center. The three buildings were created through an investment of approximately $73 million, including robotics equipment. The park is also an accredited test facility for the American Welding Society. By providing skills training in the latest robotic technology, RTP assists public and private entities develop new robotics systems and technologies, to promote the creation, growth, or expansion of Alabama companies. 

Source: AIDT

The RTP is a positively impactful workforce development asset for Alabama companies and employees.

Watch our sit down interview with Patrick J. Witt, Robotics Park Assistant Manager, discussing the impact and opportunities the RTP provides to our community. The park utilizes a unique training approach tackling challenges in two common areas: skilled labor and economic development. It’s safe to say this strategy has proven to be positively successful in recent years. No, really, just ask the thousands of Alabamians that received training last year! With a growth-minded approach, the RTP is adding virtual reality training classes so employees can experience the paint robot and booth, specific training environments required in a manufacturing plant, and precision measurement.

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Robotic Technology Park is positively exceeding automation needs of our great businesses.

Additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and robotics training is all found inside the Alabama Robotics Technology Park. This video details the ever-changing manufacturing environment and how the RTP is meeting and exceeding the needs of industry and workforce.
Source: Alabama Robotics Technology Park

This trailblazing facility provides the most up-to-date experience while preparing to meet the future needs of industry and workforce.

Take a virtual tour of the Alabama Robotics Technology Park and see the training, research, and development hub up close. The campus features the Robotics Maintenance Training Center, Advanced Research and Development Center, and Industrial, Entrepreneurial, and Paint Training Center. This video steps you through the different ways RTP benefits companies and trains workforce as a one-of-a-kind innovation center.
Source: AIDT EDU

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