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Decatur is Positively Home For New Residents!

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Decatur is the #1 place people in Huntsville want to move to

Have you heard the news? According to, Decatur is the top location where current residents of Huntsville are looking to buy their next house.

The Baggett Family is among the newest residents of the city. John and Olivia Baggett, along with their son, recently moved from Muscle Shoals to Decatur and have since fallen in love with their new home.

“It was hard to leave where we were, just because we had already found our community, but it’s kind of easy to love,” said Olivia.

Originally brought to the city by employment opportunities, they were quickly won over by the people of Decatur, as well as the diverse, affordable housing options.

John says that although they had never spent much time in Decatur previously, as soon as they started to explore the city, they began to fall in love with it.

Jack Fite, President and CEO of Fite Building Company, agrees that it is the city’s amenities that help make Decatur a great place to live.

“I think it’s the most important thing that a community can do…to provide places and things that increase the quality of life for the residents and attract new residents,” he said.

With a vibrant downtown, year-round events and attractions, and affordable housing, Decatur residents are close to Huntsville while enjoying the unique benefits Decatur has to offer.

“The next five years will be probably the best five years in residential development history…in Decatur. I really believe that,” said Fite.

As Decatur continues to grow and its new residents continue to thrive, it’s hard not to agree with him!

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