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Outdoor Recreation is Positively Everywhere in Decatur

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Decatur is a powerhouse in outdoor recreation.

Danielle Gibson, President/CEO of Decatur Morgan County Tourism

Over 50 years ago, the Mayor of Decatur went to Germany to learn how to build the nation’s first wave pool. In 1970, this historic wave pool opened at Point Mallard Park, and Decatur claimed its place as a city dedicated to recreation.

Now, outdoor recreation is everywhere in Decatur.

Thanks to the area’s natural resources, the surrounding landscape and scenery offer prime locations for hiking, hunting, camping, nature photography, and more. The Tennessee River flows through the city, making water sports such as fishing, boating, and kayaking incredibly popular options.

Among the most popular attractions in Decatur are Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and Point Mallard Park. Wheeler Wildlife Refuge welcomes 600,000 visitors annually to explore the trails, spend time on the water, and witness the tens of thousands of sandhill cranes that gather there each winter.

Meanwhile, in the summer, Point Mallard’s water park opens to the delight of children and adults alike.

For organized sports, Decatur boasts venues for soccer, baseball, golf, disc golf, and more. In fact, the Jack Allen Recreation Complex is recognized as one of the most trailblazing sporting complexes in the Southeast.

But Decatur isn’t stopping there. Recreation is a priority for the city, with plans underway for even more outdoor experiences in the future.

From improvements to Point Mallard to a brand new recreation center at Wilson Morgan Park, from softball fields to pickleball courts, residents and visitors will soon enjoy an even wider range of activities in Decatur.

“We may have someone that just comes to visit, but they might think… ‘The city of Decatur might be the place for me to live, work, and play,’” said Danielle Gibson, President/CEO of Decatur Morgan County Tourism.

Resident or visitor, one thing is true: no matter your recreational interest, Decatur positively has something for you.

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