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Positively Celebrating 190 Years: Old State Bank’s Birthday Bash

By: Lillie Beth Warner, Communications Director, Decatur Morgan County Tourism

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Hey there, party people!

This month, Decatur’s iconic Old State Bank celebrates its 190th birthday, and the city is throwing a party to mark the occasion.

This milestone is an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane while honoring the bank’s rich history and its significance to the community.

Established in 1833, the Old State Bank stands as a testament to Decatur’s enduring spirit and serves as a symbol of the city’s heritage. Initially designed as a branch of the Alabama State Bank, it played a vital role in the area’s economic development during its early years. In fact, it is considered the oldest bank building in Alabama.

The Old State Bank is an architectural gem. Its classic Greek Revival -style architecture makes it a standout attraction in Decatur.

Moreover, it is not your ordinary financial institution; it is a historical treasure! Over the years, it has witnessed numerous significant events, including the Civil War and the transformative growth of the region.

Today, the Old State Bank stands proudly as a museum, preserving the past and educating visitors about the region’s unique history.

To celebrate the 190th birthday of this Decatur institution, Decatur locals and visitors from far and wide are invited to come together for a Birthday Bash on July 29, 2023. Along Bank Street near the Old State Bank, guests will find food trucks, children’s activities, and live music.

Inside the Old State Bank, guided tours of the first floor will be available, giving guests a chance to step back in time, explore how the bank was used during its years of operation, and hear fascinating stories of the bank’s past.

The celebration will extend to the Daikin Amphitheater, too, where local vendors will have booths with tasty treats and unique crafts.

The theme of this year’s birthday bash is the Wild West, so grab your cowboy hat and head to Downtown Decatur to join in the fun!

Even if you can’t make it to Decatur on July 29, the Old State Bank will be waiting for your next visit. Tours are available at select times, Monday through Friday, as well as at additional times by advance request.

The Old State Bank is truly iconic to Decatur, so don’t miss your chance to see it for yourself!

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