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Judge David Breland is Positively proud of Decatur’s history!

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Judge David Breland has a long personal history in Decatur and loves it so much that he has made the city’s history his job! Working in the Old State Bank and as the director of the Decatur Historic Union Depot brings the Judge a great deal of joy. As a member of a family of historians, these jobs come naturally. The Judge spends his days showing people some of Decatur’s history and supporting our city’s growth and development. Judge Breland himself is Positively Historic!

As the Judge says, he “works in a little piece of wonder!”

Take a walking tour (by foot or video) and learn more about Decatur’s historic neighborhoods

Decatur has two historic neighborhoods,

and you can take a tour to learn about the history in Decatur and in the two neighborhoods either in person or on your phone or computer. Click here for more videos and information on the walking tours.

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