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Not Your Mom’s Decatur

By: Devan Rigoni

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Growing up in the early 2000s, I took the incredible amenities Decatur has to offer for granted,

and I was excited to “grow up” and move away somewhere new. After traveling and a four-year move to Tuscaloosa, when my husband and I decided to plant roots, Morgan County was easily where we wanted to live. Now, Decatur is where my husband and I both work and spend our free time very often.

In June 2021, we became parents and our world changed. Even though I grew up in Decatur, so much had changed here since I was young. We  often googled “fun things to do in Decatur with kids” to find all the new options.

We’re so excited about all of the things we get to do with our little one without ever having to take a road trip!

So, without further ado, I will answer this question with a few of our favorites.


Whether it’s Delano, Frazier, Rhodes Ferry, or another of Decatur’s great options, fresh air and sunshine are key. We love to watch nature, play in a splash pad or kid-friendly fountain, and have a picnic after grabbing breakfast/lunch from a local spot.

The Farmer’s Market (seasonal)

Hear me out: the Farmer’s Market really has something to entertain each of your child’s five senses. Whether it’s the smell of fresh bread, the sights, and sounds of people chatting, the taste of a brownie or pink lemonade, or the feel of a handmade toy purchased from a local vendor, it really has it all.

The Cook Museum of Natural Science

The Cook Museum is adding some air-conditioned fun (amen!) to the list. The yearlong membership fee comes with additional museum discounts, and little brothers and sisters can tag along at no extra cost if they are young enough. I have taken my daughter through many stages of her little life, and we find something new to enjoy each time she grows and develops. I love experiencing my daughter explore new things through her eyes.

Wilson Morgan Ball Fields

I remember loving the ball fields as a kid, and my daughter has followed right in my footsteps. Evenings at the ball field are great for cheering on friends and family playing rec/church leagues and the best nights include a visit to the concession stand for candy or chili cheese fries.

The Princess Theatre

While my daughter isn’t old enough to sit still at a movie or show, if you have children who can, the Princess is a great option for local entertainment. They often show kids movies and have wonderful plays put on by local companies, so whether you’re a spectator OR your kids want to get involved and audition for a play to star in themselves, there are many great options at the Princess for kids. They even host a kids theatre camp once a year.

Not Your Mom’s Decatur

While Decatur has always been wonderful – recent additions and revamped programs have really solidified Decatur as a fun place for kids with endless opportunities for entertainment. Whether it’s family friends, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or kids of your own – get out there and play, Decatur! I have really enjoyed seeing the city from this new perspective, and I hope you can, too.

Devan Rigoni, Senior Accountant,

Wear, Howell, Strickland, Quinn & Law, CPAs

Devan, her husband Micah, and their daughter Honey live in Morgan County and enjoy working and playing in Decatur. Devan is a graduate of Decatur High School and the University of Alabama. Devan is an active community volunteer and currently serves on the board of the Princess Theatre. She has served on the boards of Decatur City Schools Foundation and the Decatur Jaycees. In 2018, Devan was voted Decatur Jaycee of the year.

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