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Suzie Wiley is Positively Entertaining!

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Suzie Wiley’s show, Valley Happenings, is Alabama’s longest-running, female-produced show. And she lives right here in Decatur! After years of being the “perfect corporate wife,” Suzie wanted to pursue something she felt genuinely passionate about, and that was television.

“We could have gone anywhere in the world, but we didn’t. We chose to stay here because we made this our home.”

Having acquired the only TV and radio studio in Decatur, Suzie is a testament to the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of Decatur’s residents. Having lived here since 1995, she found Decatur the perfect environment for making her mark on the entertainment scene!

Decatur is home to the Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Princess Theatre for the Performing Arts, and Alabama Center for the Arts, which makes it the perfect home for anyone interested in a future in art and entertainment or simply looking to enjoy arts and entertainment. Not to mention the E-Center here in Decatur, where those with an entrepreneurial spirit can find resources and make connections. Decatur is positively filled with opportunity!

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