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Positively Supportive

By: Eva Blayhut

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Decatur is known for its selection of unique shops and antique stores. Bank Street Art and Antiques has the best of both worlds and three stories of treasures waiting to be discovered. Eva Blayhut owns a small custom corsetry and costume shop inside Bank Street Art and Antiques and shares a few of the many reasons she loves to call Decatur home and what supporting her clients means to her.

“My husband and I just moved here in January, and I am just overwhelmed by the Decatur resident’s hospitality, acceptance, and patronage.

I operate out of Bank Street Antiques across from the Polk House. My husband and I chose Decatur, Alabama, to be our home because he spent his early years here. His grandparents owned the Polk House and were local antique dealers before they passed. Bringing my business here has been a wonderful experience. I’ve seen so much warmth and creativity from so many Decatur residents along with growth to my shop that has allowed me to expand my inventory.”

“Many of my clients have sensory issues like Asperger’s and Autism, and it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed.

People wear corsets for many reasons. Fashion, function, you name it. For my clients that are easily overwhelmed, having that support is like a constant hug, and I can help them feel more confident in their everyday lives.”

“Bank Street Antiques has been the perfect place to grow my business. The owner, Bill, has been fantastic and the other artists and antique dealers that operate out of it are wonderful to be around.

I’d love to see Bank Street Antiques featured as a positively creative space because my experience there has been nothing but wonderful.”

Without a doubt, Eva provides a service to the community that goes well beyond what meets the eye. It’s the support from the community that allows Eva to continue to return the favor.

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